Where to go surfing in Australia

Australia is famous for its beaches, and surfing is a popular water sport there. Here’s where to go if you want to catch some waves:

Why People Love Australian Surf Spots

Australia is a great place to surf as the waves are good, the weather is warm and friendly people abound. It’s also an excellent place for you and your Perth escorts to learn how to surf because of its many different types of waves. There are points, reefs and beach breaks along Australia’s coastline that offer something for every level of surfer.

Australia has many beautiful beaches with clear waters and white sand that stretch for miles in either direction. These beaches make travelling around this vast continent very pleasant as you can plan your trip by following the coastlines.

Byron Bay, New South Wales

This Australian area is known for its beaches and hippie culture, as well as for the nearby attractions of Ballina and Lennox Head. It is also known for being one of Australia’s top surfing spots, with several world-class breaks such as Back Beach, North Steyne, The Pass and Lighthouse Point Break.

Gold Coast, Queensland

There are some great waves for surfers here. With warm waters and consistent surf conditions, the Gold Coast has become one of the nation’s best places to ride waves. The city has a wide range of surf spots for beginners and experts alike, including Currumbin Alley, a sheltered break, and Greenmount Beach, an exposed reef break.

Maroubra Beach, New South Wales

Maroubra Beach has been popular with surfers since at least 1938, when author Arthur Stace first mentioned it in his book “Surf Bathing”. He described it as being the most ideal place for beginners to learn this sport. The beach itself stretches four kilometres from Malabar Headland to Kurnell and offers consistent waves throughout summer because its shape prevents cross currents from forming near shore.

Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney is Australia’s largest city and is home to some of the best surfing spots in the country. There are a number of beaches in Sydney that have perfect waves for beginners, but if you want something more challenging, there are also some spots that can challenge even experienced surfers.

The best time of year to surf at these locations is during summer when temperatures are warmest and swells are usually highest. However, it’s still possible to catch good waves during other times of the year. 

Keppel Bay, Queensland

Keppel Bay is a popular surfing spot for beginners and intermediate surfers. It’s an excellent place to learn how to surf in the summer, winter, spring, and autumn. If you’re an advanced surfer looking for waves bigger than most other places in Australia can provide, this is also your spot. 

The best time of year depends on what type of wave you want: longboards work well when it’s big, but they don’t catch as much wind, so they tend not to be very good in small waves. 

Shortboards catch more wind, so they are better at catching smaller waves but they can’t handle anything over six feet high. Fish tails are between those two extremes, as these work well everywhere except huge days when everyone else uses longboards. 

In Conclusion

There are many great places to go surfing in Australia, with different types of waves. The seasons vary so that you can enjoy different conditions depending on your visit. The surfboards available at each destination will depend on what kind of surfing experience you’re looking for.